How to Play SuperEnalotto

You can play SuperEnalotto by buying tickets from authorised retailers located throughout Italy, but you can also take part online from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is pick six numbers from 1 to 90 and pay for your entries; once your order has been processed, a locally-based agent will buy entries on your behalf and create scanned copies to send to your online account. Tickets are then checked against the official results, and if you have won a prize, the money will be paid into your account shortly after the draw.

You can play as many lines as you like in the draw, with your odds of winning a prize increasing as you buy more tickets. In the draw, six numbers from a pool of 90 are drawn, followed by a seventh supplementary number known as the Jolly. Players who match six main numbers will win the jackpot, while those who match five main numbers and the Jolly number will win a significantly boosted prize. Other secondary prizes, from matching two main numbers to matching five main numbers, also offer great cash rewards.

You can also choose integrated or reduced SuperEnalotto entries if you’d like to guarantee that you match a certain number or numbers in the draw. These are explained below:

SuperEnalotto Integrated Entry

A SuperEnalotto integrated entry uses several lines of numbers to generate more combinations, giving you the opportunity to match more numbers and therefore stand a better chance of winning prizes. The player selects seven or more main numbers, from which are generated all possible six-number combinations. For example, a player purchasing an integrated entry with eight main numbers would have 28 combinations entered into the game. While this option is more expensive, it can be a great choice for SuperEnalotto syndicates.

SuperEnalotto Reduced Entry

A SuperEnalotto reduced entry gives players the chance to improve their chances of winning a prize without spending as much as they typically would on an integrated entry. This allows you to pick more than six main numbers, but you won’t necessarily win the jackpot. The guaranteed number matches for a reduced entry will vary based on the option you choose:

  • Play a G5 reduced entry and 5 numbers will line up if you match 6.
  • Play a G4 reduced entry and 4 numbers will line up if you match 6.
  • Play a G3 reduced entry and 3 numbers will line up if you match 6.

The tighter the guarantee when playing a reduced entry, the more that ticket will cost. A G5 reduced entry will cost more than a G4 reduced ticket using the same selection, and a G4 reduced entry would in turn cost more than a G3 reduced entry.

The SuperStar

For a small additional fee, SuperEnalotto players can add the supplementary SuperStar game to their ticket. Following the main SuperEnalotto draw, an additional number is drawn from a separate ball pool from 1 to 90. If players match this number, they can win a fixed prize or even boost the value of any SuperEnalotto prizes they have won.

You can play SuperStar on just one of your SuperEnalotto lines, on a selection of entries or even on all of the tickets you enter into a draw. Fixed prizes are awarded for matching just the SuperStar, one main number and the SuperStar and two main numbers and the SuperStar. If you match three or more main numbers and the SuperStar, you’ll see an incredible increase in the value of your prize!